Three Circles & A Speaker

by Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats

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released June 17, 2014

Steve Leaf- Vocals, Guitars
Nick Young- Bass
Dan Haefs- Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
Ryan Anderson- Guitar (tracks 6,7,9)

Recorded during the summer of 2013.

Tracks 1-5 recorded at Double Phelix Studio, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Engineered by Andy Catlin, Ben Lau, and Nick Young
Mixed by Corey Schreppel

Tracks 6-9 recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, Illinois
Engineered and mixed by Alex Inglizian

All tracks mastered by Alex Hug in Somerville, Massachusetts

Artwork by Greg Oberle



all rights reserved


Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats Chicago, Illinois

They hale from Chicago and call the midwest their home. Steve Leaf crafts songs of love, loss, and history while Dan Haefs and Nick Young hold down one of the finest rhythm sections of our time. Their latest release GO TO THE PINES was a venture in DIY recording and the product is a collection of five songs sometimes drenched in reverb and distortion and at others, quiet as a whisper. ... more

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Track Name: Luiz & The Crew
Luiz made a wager with Mr. Ortiz
That there was land beyond the farthest of far
And heʼd welcome the toil just to bring back the soil
Under the light of a bright southern star
A star only seen by those men who seemed
To worry about what was on board
To never think or even dream of a continent lost
And to step out onto a new shore

Luiz gathered his crew and frost turned to dew
He set out from the Gibraltar Straits
And they heard the din of the wildest of winds
Which sent straight around the African cape
The constellations which guided navigation
All changed as they headed down
The weather grew grim and chances seemed slim
Of return if the ship ran aground

But morale made a rise and the crew steadied its eyes
On what they thought was dry land
But it turned out that it was just a broken mast
Of a ship with a similar plan
So with beleaguered minds and running out of time
They made one last dash east
A white squall came and it started to rain
Now in the belly of a beast
They looked to the north and then to the south
But the haze prevented the sight
Of a desert filled land cascades, and sand
A place they couldʼve spent the night
Little had he known, a lack of clouds wouldʼve shown
The captainʼs destination
Oh how proud, heʼd tell the story out loud
Less a miscalculation
Track Name: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
I was raised
From the day
That they said
Stay in bed
Don’t go out at night
You’ll be ok
If you pray
Read this all
Read this all
It will save your life

And I believed all this
Until my family fell apart
Then I lost my grip
I said this is all supposed

When I call it fiction
It causes friction
This will sell
I can tell
I will feed on your faith
And when I do
My address to
Please send cash
Now so fast
I will get paid

You are a sinner
In the hands of angry god
And he’s pissed off
He’s going to piss on us
And when your checks clear
You’ll know I am wasn’t so right
And you won’t find me
He didn’t keep you so safe at night
Track Name: The Great Deluge
I have been around
And never seen it come down
Oh a great deluge
And we're painted on the news

But the storms close in

I knew this place would soon
Tear through all the room
Clouds loom, and false or true
Ah ooh, we are the smoke and the plume

Oh and God willing
And that creek donʼt rise
Itʼll be slim pickings
If I make it to the other side

Now a flood knocks on my door
Track Name: Parallax
From where I sit
I am not ready
But as they move
I can see theyʼre treading

I am a planet
And my eyes are closed
Listening to static
Of all the radios

Theyʼve been struggling for years
To place a decent call
Because theyʼre putting up walls

When objects move against a plane
Called parallax
But recognizing the slight
Makes it hard to detect

Now I will die
Several light years away
Back in time
And across several galaxies
Track Name: Lyalin Pereulok
Oh see I couldnʼt be
Much closer to meeting my own enemies
And now Iʼm stuck in the middle of the road
Now I am trying to revive
My career cause I think I just might have to lie
Iʼll try to keep the stats from getting into the know

Now the man at the top today
Is sending me a message- keep the facts at bay
Iʼve got to keep this from getting into the view
The big man said one sixty eight
Million souls are surviving in the Soviet States
But you see I counted one sixty two

Now I just want to leave
I just want to let my tea (Steep)

Steeper now, skyline of Moscow
Appears to be a prison now which surrounds
Me as I wait for him to react
He gladly looks up and I see
Iʼm bewildered by the whispers when they talk about me
And I feel the need to go back

Now I just want to leave
I just need to find (my keys)

My keys to the house I forgot
They have so I dust my kalashnikov
Will be with me when I sleep
The street was renamed Lyalin
And weʼve been there since my brother bought his first violin
In September, so shine the trees
Thirty eight, on a Wednesday night
I returned home early but something didnʼt feel right
I decided to stay in instead
Now SHH! Theyʼre here, its us v. them
But there were so many of ʻem that I canʼt pretend
To know which one shot me in the head

Now I just want to leave
Track Name: Sharks
I was meant to meet you at the river
To baptize myself in a pitch of fever
The gas in my tank had reached empty
A run at a pace which I canʼt keep

The sun cracks through the trees
Like a neighbor trying to catch a peak
I will bury my burden tonight
I will leave it here out of sight

There are sharks along the freeway
Theyʼre asking about me
I can see their fins want me to pay
For the sins I didnʼt foresee

Now the tiniest piece of gas
Was ignited under an overpass
Iʼm stranded with the chum
Climbing ladders without rungs

Now what I shouldʼve done wouldʼve been easy
Packed my bag and I wouldʼve been leaving
Prefer to beholden to nothing I reckon
But now the sharks do beckon
Track Name: Blood in the Snow
Anastasia little darling
Out the window what do you see
Well a crowd of thousands
To tear down our hairastocracy
Please little girl up the stairs
All the way upstairs to your bed
Wipe out all the Bolshevik thoughts
Theyʼve branded into your head

My body freezes
While my blood will boil
A miracle worker walks away
From a family he once toiled
And no one will remember me
For a nation I once grew

Soon all this be over
Gone in your head
The people under your hands
Were your shifting sands
Soon all this be over
Gone in your head
Lighting flash bullets fly
And now you are dead.
Track Name: Cosmonaut, a Criminal
How fast are we traveling?
How much longer do we have go?
I look down at my red pendant.
And I ponder what I already know

No, I wonʼt get to see her
Or what was the sparkle in my eye
On path are a few meteors
Cause of penalties, I canʼt pay the fines

And now I am a prisoner
I couldnʼt compensate the tax man
But what will happen to Eleanor
While Iʼm away in a tin can

Everyone loves a gamble
No one like a backup disk
On Earth Iʼs bound to ramble
Recently, Iʼve been resigned to this

And I pray that the holy space station
They need to come make the rounds
Theyʼll discover resources for the nation
Branded brave and a hero for the bucks and the pounds

Everyone loves a gamble
No one like a backup disk
On Earth Iʼs bound to ramble
Recently, Iʼve been resigned to this
With toggles and knobs and cosmonauts
And out portals with spectacular views
But April came and the feds made a claim
So Iʼm up here to pay back my dues